Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Bored...

I want to keep this blog active but don't have anything major to post right now, except to mention a few things from the past month without school.

I got a job working for the Adam Hofmann Revival, a band that is promoting their upcoming album and donating the profits to survivors of human trafficking. I will go into more detail about this in the future, when this job is finished.

When said job is finished, I have ideas for 2 new animations. I was going to make myself do 3 animations this summer. I finished one which is here:
It involves sound, I was experimenting.
The next 2 animations I will make will be more along the style I was using before this past semester started. One will be a short with my recurring Alien characters, and the second will involve a new character called Ugly Bunny.

Of course, I have not forgotten about the senior ideas I need to be brainstorming and researching. I have not started yet, and will wait for the job to be over with before I get on with that. I know I like to keep myself busy, but I do need to give myself a break right now, I think.

During the summer, my Youtube channel will become more populated with songs I have created, just for the sake of posting new content. I'm surprised people have been paying attention to those, honestly.