Sunday, September 23, 2012

I've Made My Decision

Ok, so the Halloween animation isn't going to happen. The idea just wouldn't take off anywhere.
Of course, that doesn't mean I won't be keeping busy. I've been procrastinating far too long on getting my website up and running, so expect to see that soon.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I Need A Halloween Idea...

I came up with an idea for a Halloween animation the other night that I haven't fully developed. So I'm trying to figure out whether to just drop the whole idea, or keep rethinking it until I have something that works and can hopefully be completed by Halloween so it's relevant.

It involves a Flying Rhino that is addicted to candy...

I hope I can come up with something that's actually funny and interesting to watch, because as of right now, I just want to draw a rhinoceros with wings and call it a day. I think the most likely scenario is that I add this character to my long list of future projects from my previous post and hopefully something interesting will come of it later on down the line.

Find out what happens within the month I guess?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Upcoming Projects

These are titles of all the projects I'm planning on doing or have already started, in no particular order:

What Inanimate Objects Are Thinking
Rabies Babies
Jury Duty
How the Dinosaurs Really Died
Animal Walk Cycles
Dream Camera
Wind Powered Killer Robots
The Grim Reaper is a Bunny
The Never Ending Spaghetti
Santa on a Diet
Dr. Robotnik skit #2

I told you there was a lot.

World of Dots

I'm going through a (hopefully) brief period of time where I don't really want to work on any long term projects. I do have a rather extensive list of animations that I want to complete in the future, and I seriously see it taking at least a year to do them all.

Until then, I decided to whip something up real quick for the sake of seeing what it would look like.
That brings us to "World of Dots". Enjoy!