Sunday, October 30, 2011

Miscellaneous Thoughts

My brain is scattered all over the place, so this post is probably not going to be understood by anyone except for me, but I don't care.

I started working on the animatic for my Senior Project, while also working on a lot of new internship stuff a final for my independent study.

I had a little freak out when I spent a few hours on the animatic and didn't get very far, wondering how my time spent on the animation itself would compare. And unlike my ugly storyboard, the animatic should probably look good...which it doesn't yet. Dammit Flash.
I think I'm going to start jumping around and doing things on all these projects out of order. For instance, I can start at least on the backgrounds for my Senior project now, and also maybe do some run cycles for other characters since they can be used several places in the animation.

Fun fact, blogger has "animatic" underlined in red as if the spelling is wrong.

Recently, I was told to make my work more shocking, so for my final project in my After Effects independent study I'm animating a plane crash. It starts off with happy dancing cloud people and then ends in carnage as the pilots were too distracted to see that they were heading towards another plane. *Insert comparison to recent events in my life here.*
I can probably post a storyboard for this in a few days.

In other Zach news-I'm most likely taking a winter class at Montserrat for stop motion animation.
Looking forward to the class part, but not the living in Beverly during the winter part.
I know during winter break I'm going to take advantage of not having any other classes and do tons of work on my senior project. It still has no name, The Tortoise and the Hare has just been a placeholder this whole time. I should fix that.

If you just read this, then congratulations. You deserve a cookie.