Monday, July 7, 2014

100 Animals: Sketches and Alternate Designs

Ok, so today's post will conclude the onslaught of posts that all have to do with the 100 animals. I'm just going to show off a few things that didn't make it into the project, pencil sketches and some alternate designs of the animals. Things that show off all the work that went into this, but without having to take up 5 more pages of this blog with just sketches.

Scans from my sketchpad: An early design for the hedgehog:

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Commentary for 100 Animals

I'm not going to post all 100 animals again, but there are a few of these that I think I'd like to talk about, so let's begin.

I think he's adorable. I finished this one early into the project, and not just because he was number 2 on my list. The numbered order of the animals in the project has really no meaning at all, other than for the sake of counting to 100 in the video. A lot of the order was determined at random before they were even drawn, and then by the end a lot of them had been rearranged so that similar animals or similar drawing styles would not appear close to each other on the list. I thought it would be best to start with a cat and dog.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

All 100 Animals

100 Animals is Completed!

A little over a year ago, I announced here that I would be challenging myself to draw character designs for 100 different kinds of animals, and today, it has been completed.

 I really only thought this would take a few months, but instead it took a lot longer. Silly me. Several reasons for this delay include, my lack of an attention span towards the project, moving and job searching taking up my time, redesigning many of the animals many times, and removing some entirely to make room for better ones. I also thought it was a good idea to take breaks to do actual animation and created Visitors and Pumpkin Head Jack. But lately I realized I need to build a better portfolio of illustration and pre-production content and I put all other animations aside to resume work on this, and I actually produced some of the best designs during the rush to finish this.
 For right now you can see them all compiled in this video:

However, I know a video isn't really the best way to present these. Although the need to make music for it did get me back into using Garageband for the first time in a couple of years, it might not be that appealing to watch 5 minutes and 6 seconds of still images over a white BG. I'll post all 100 of them on this blog shortly, with commentary on some of them, maybe all of them. Not sure yet.
I'm very happy with this, but I also need other opinions, so feel free to critique, I encourage it!